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Experience Namibia during Times of Corona

Experience Namibia during Times of Corona

I experienced Namibia in times of Corona despite all the official travel warnings and concerns from family and friends.  I stuck to my travel plans and flew from Frankfurt to Windhoek on January 12th.  My longing for Namibia was too great and I have not regretted it for a second.  On the contrary, I can only encourage everyone to book and start travelling immediately. 

During the flight you are reassured that you are travelling with fellow passengers who have all tested negative.  The applicable hygiene and precautionary measures are also implemented in Namibia in an exemplary manner.  The subject of Corona is not as dominant as it is in Germany and as soon as you leave the cities behind you feel very far away.  It is even emptier and quieter than I remember it being in Namibia.  There are special offers and Covid specials almost everywhere.  The tourism companies are eagerly waiting for guests and they receive you particularly warmly and courteously.

I only had a rough idea of where I would stay in this special destination with its magical landscapes and incredible wildlife.  Currently it is not a problem to just let yourself drift, stay where it is nice, and to extend your travels spontaneously.  Advance bookings are not necessary and accommodation is plentiful.  You rarely meet other travellers, often it is locals who use the weekends for short trips.

Travel is still as comfortable and the tourist infrastructure is being extensively maintained everywhere in the hope of the return of those whose travel bug is greater than the fear of the corona virus.

On March 31st I have to fly back to “Good (c)old Germany”, deeply relaxed and filled with countless new impressions and memories of wonderful experiences and unforgettable encounters with lots of sun in my heart – sigh!

Karen Roloff

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Omandumba Guestfarm, has – as many other companies in Namibia – been hit hard by the Corona crisis. In fact the situation is precarious. Family Rust and the staff of Omandumba are now supported by Henning and Jana Bush through a fund-raiser by Betterplace 

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