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Namibia opens up for tourism

Namibia opens up for tourism

The tourism initiative has been amended as NTB and the Ministry of Tourism has realized that no new bookings have been received since 1 September.  The amendments include the following:

  • Tourists do not have to stay at the first accommodation for 7 days, as implemented.  They are allowed to travel to the next destination as per their itinerary.
  • On day 5, the tourists have to do a PCR test or must be available for the test to be done.
  • Tourists must be reachable on day 7 in order to get their test results.  It will be a very good idea if the tourists can get a Namibian simcard for their phones at either Telecom or MTC.  If the test is negative, then the tourists can continue on with their journey.  If the test is positive, the tourists will be required to go into quarantine at their own cost in the facilities cleared by the MHSS.

The following airlines have been approved commercial flights to Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport:

  • Ethiopian Airlines will start on 11 September 2020 with the first flights.
  • Lufthansa / Eurowings will start on 19 September 2020 with the first flights.
  • Qatar Airways have been approved, but they do not yet have a flight schedule in place.
  • Air Namibia has been approved as well, but will be affected with the Government Lockdowns in place.


When clients book their flight tickets – recommend them to take the more expensive ticket with the least restrictions – cancelation fees, refund fees or change fees – this is usually your full economy ticket, your full premium economy, full business class or full first class ticket.  With these tickets, they will be able to do changes to the tickets either for free or with the least amount of fees to be paid.  They must make sure with the airline what the policies will be, before they confirm the tickets as the policy depends on the airline. This is VERY IMPORTANT

They must also make sure to take out travel insurance and to make sure what the travel insurance cover – Flight cancelations, package cancelation and Covid-19 related expenses: Tests, Quarantine, Isolation, Hospital costs and medical costs involved, etc.

Tour bookings are possible on short notice, but it will be best to do a booking for a tour packages as soon as possible.  Especially if the clients would prefer to have a guided tour where the guide come and pick the guests up on your farm or where it will be suitable for you ex:  a town close by, etc.

It is our privilege to share the good news with you and we hope that you are also excited that things are moving.  Though some challenges may arise in between, at least we have hope.

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Omandumba Guestfarm, has – as many other companies in Namibia – been hit hard by the Corona crisis. In fact the situation is precarious. Family Rust and the staff of Omandumba are now supported by Henning and Jana Bush through a fund-raiser by Betterplace 

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