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Third Covid Wave in Namibia

Third Covid Wave in Namibia

Dear world community!

Namibia is in the middle of the 3rd wave of COVID infections, which is the size of a tsunami and completely overwhelmed the Namibian health system! Private and state hospitals have to turn away patients because beds are no longer available.

The national government alone is no longer able to cope with this unprecedented crisis, so Ciske Howard-Smith has launched a COVID TASK FORCE.

Ciske is chairwoman of the regional council of the ERONGO region, and her appeal to civil society, with the request for support in the medical and personnel area, has received a very good response.

The first goal was to significantly increase the vaccination rate through targeted visits to companies and institutions. Unfortunately, Namibia has run out of vaccine in the meantime!

That is why Ciske’s team has now turned to the care of the sick and is asking for donations in order to help as many as possible - with oxygen and medical equipment, but also with food and "simple things" like blankets!

And not only in Swakopmund! Ciske actively supports the establishment of further private initiatives in other cities, so that the worst suffering can be alleviated locally.

Pallium - Research and Help for Social Projects e.V. kindly provides the following donation account for this purpose and will also issue donation receipts upon request.

We are also happy to accept donations in kind such as:

  • Ventilators (for household use)
  • Finger pulse oximeter
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Masks and gloves
  • Disinfectants and disinfectant wipes
  • Needles and syringes
  • Thermometer

For donations in kind, please contact us directly at or by Telephone / Whatsapp on +264 81 681 7211.

The appeal for donations in Swakopmund alone amounts to approx. N $ within 2 days 50,000 (almost EUR 3,000) brought in! But the local options are limited and we also need your help - please donate and help us fight COVID.

Pallium - Research and Help for social projects e.V.

  • Volksbank Mittelhessen eG
  • IBAN: DE02 5139 0000 0002 2676 08
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Support for the Omandumba Team

Omandumba Guestfarm, has – as many other companies in Namibia – been hit hard by the Corona crisis. In fact the situation is precarious. Family Rust and the staff of Omandumba are now supported by Henning and Jana Bush through a fund-raiser by Betterplace 

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